Is it possible to recover unsent saved or finalized survey forms that were mistakenly deleted in the file manager of the cell phone?

Bonjour, je voulais savoir s’il y a possibilité de récupérer des formulaires d’enquêtes sauvegardées ou finalisées non envoyées et qui ont été supprimées par erreur dans le gestionnaire de fichiers du téléphone portable.

Merci d’avance !

Sorry to inform you that it’s not possible (there is no feature) to retrieve the data that has been deleted from your cell phone.

However, maybe you could use some android app that could retrieve deleted records from your android device. Have not personally tried this out. Maybe some community users could help you out if they have had some experience with the same.

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It is not possible with either of the two urls since we use our own with htpp but apparently kobocollect uses https and that is the reason why it does not connect, because of the security of geolocation and voice data

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Thank you very much for your suggestions but that is not what I try, I need to add my url address of my own private server with my domain, I try but it gives an error, besides that it does not allow me to add a kobotoolbox user