Is it possible to restore data from xlsx to a new KoBoToobox form?

I downloaded the data submission from a kobo form. I made some adjustments to the data directly on the excel file. Know I need to upload the data back to a new form.
Need advice

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Hi @azizashal,

Downloading data from KoBoToolbox server to your computer is possible but the other way round at the moment is not. However, I personally appreciate your idea as many other KoBo users would benefit if one could upload the clean data-set back to the server. Hope we get to see this feature one day in KoBoToolbox.


This is very strange to be able to back up your data, while you cannot restore again.
It would be helpful to have this feature.

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That is what I really need.

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Hi @phonemyintkyaw,

Welcome to the community! Would appreciate if you could also hit the Vote button.