Is it possible to save the submissions collected in Collect android app in XLS format?

Hi, I am facing the same problem and I think it is because a new form has been deployed meanwhile. I still do not want to lose the data I have collected but now I am unable to see the responses, how can I do that? The completed forms moved from Archived to Send Finalized Form. Thank you in advance.

Welcome to the community, @NataliaCucu! Could you also share a screenshot of your issue? Maybe this should help the community to understand your issue pictorially.

Thank you for your reply. Please see the screenshot, sorry it is in Russian, but it basically says that the upload on server failed.

@NataliaCucu, could you check out your server to see if you have the project deployed on the server? Sometimes, you may have deleted the project from the server which could block the submissions to the server.

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Hi, indeed the project was deleted from the server and a new one deployed. My initial question was if there is a way to save those forms that failed the submission, or that information is lost? thank you

@NataliaCucu, if the data are still stuck in your Collect android app, you should be able to get them in the XLS format by following the instructions outlined in the post discussed previously: