Is it possible to use 2 widgets parallel at the same time?

Dear Community,

Is it possible to use more than one widget at the same time (paralel widgets?).
My use case is that I need to conduct a series of walking interviews, where I want to record the path and the audio of the interview as I walk with the interviewee.

This requires that the line widget works in the background while on top of it the audio widget is recording the conversation (or the other way around).

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

Hi @Andremano
Unfortunately this is not possible as you can see in these discussions within the last six months. You may have to do with a choice of one of the two things you either document the coordinates or you record the audio but not both.

Wishing you all the best


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Thanks Stephane. That discussion is very related with this issue in fact. I will follow that discussion as well and wait for further developments.


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