Is it possible to use HHI deployed forms on OCHA accounts?

Some collaborators have developed a COVID19 food security survey that they would like me to deploy to my enumerators around the country to use, but they developed it on kobotoolbox and all of my enumerators are on a account on their devices. How can I get them to use both forms on the same device at the same time?
Do I need to clone the form and deploy it on the humanitarian server then merge the data later? Or is there a way to submit to their project from the Humanitarian server?

Hi @atjla,

Welcome to the community! Looking at your context, i would advise you to use Enketo (web-form) to collect data as outlined in the support article here. With Enketo, you need not worry about your enumerators user account and still could collect data.

However, if you still wish to collect data using KoBoCollect android app, you could clone your survey project and deploy them from both the servers (HHI as well as OCHA) and then later merge them after data collection has been completed.

Have a great day!

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Very helpful and rapid response, thanks.


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