Is it possible to use ODK and KoboCollect on the same device?

Hi All

QUESTION ONE: I’ve seen old threads about this but nothing recent. Is it possible to use Kobo and ODK on the SAME device?

Here’s the question…In Kobo, the default place that your form submissions go is into your server for whatever Kobo account is logged in on your device. So if you’re logged in on the Nepal NGO account, and you fill out a Kobo survey, the results will go to the Nepal NGO account online.

However, while designing a form, I found that you can specify an “alternate submission URL” where submissions will go - this can be set on the level of a form.

QUESTION TWO: can the form submission URL override the default behaviour of the Kobo collect app?

HI @karenmcdonnellca, Welcome to the community!

Regarding your first query:

Definitely YES! It’s possible to install and use KoBoCollect and ODK Collect in a same device. And i have been doing this for a long time.

Regarding your second query:

You got that correct too! The filled up forms by default will try to land to the account details that you configure under General Settings>Server>URL (and Username & Password) by default i.e. if you configure your Username to Nepal NGO’s account the filled up form will try to get submitted under the account by default.

Regarding your third query:

You got that correct too. The submission_url overrides the default behaviour of the KoBoCollect app (i.e. even though if you are configured as User1 in KoBoCollect, you could still send the submitted form to User2). For this, you simply need to make a small addition under your setting tab (from the xlsform) as shown in the image below:
Note: You could also use if you are using the OCHA server. Also please note that yourusername is your KoBoToolbox user account name.


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