Is possible to set username and password to access/open ODK collect android app

When a user wants to access or open the “ODK Collect” android app, he needs to login the app by username and password. Is it possible to set a username and password?

Hi @tanzilhuda,

Unfortunately, the collect app (both KoBoCollect as well as ODK collect) does not offer you the feature to make a login with a username and a password to start data collection. If you feel you really wish to have this feature maybe you could make a workaround outlined below (through a secure folder):

  • Install a secure folder app from google play store. There are lots of secure folder apps in play store. Select one of them by reviewing the comments and checking out its feature (before downloading).
  • Install the secure folder to your android device.
  • Move your KoBoCollect android app or ODK Collect android app to the secure folder or if allows you to download the Collect app within the secure folder try downloading it within the app.
  • Protect your Collect app with a suitable password.
  • Your Collect app should now be secure and is not accessible within a password.

Have a great day!

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