Is there a problem with submitting forms on kobocollect if the form has more than 500 questions and more than 10 photos?

y’a t’il un problème avec la soumission des formulaire sur kobocollect si le formulaire comporte plus de 500 question et plus de 10 photos

Welcome to the community, @arccsu! Could you also let the community know the mode of data collection you wish to use? I mean, do you wish to go with the web form, also known as Enketo, or do you wish to go with Collect Android App? In the meantime, please also let us know the average image size that you intend to capture. So, with this, we could calculate the average size a submission becomes and would be able to tell you if the system supports that big size of a submission.

However, please note that 500 questions for a single form could be too big and it could time out your request.

Merci beaucoup @kal_lam d’être venu à mon secours, java Soumis ma requête depuis hier et n’ayant pas de réponse j’ai opté seulement d’acheter l’abonnement mensuel,

Maintenant je voudrais savoir comment optimiser la soumission, parce que on fait la collection par android sachant qu’on reçoit aussi 8 photos avé une moyen de 700ko par photo

@arccsu, 700 kb per photo should not be an issue for ten photos (for a submission). However, my concern is with the total of 500 questions (for a single submission). You may need to break your form into two forms or maybe even three if you get a timeout when submitting the submission.