Is there a way for the super_admin to view all projects

Is there a privilege/permission that would allow the super_admin to view all projects and submission in Kobo (self hosted) without the projects being shared with the super_admin? Thanks.

Welcome to the community, @Biruk! Maybe log in to the respective accounts and then check out the projects and submissions there as needed?

Thank you for the response @Kal_Lam. I was wondering if there is a permission for a super admin to view all projects along with their associated forms and submissions on the server without having to login to other user’s account. This will be useful for our academic institution where students get grants from the institution to do their thesis research and collect the data using Kobo. Since all the data collected by every student belongs to the institution, it would be a useful feature if some admin account have the permission to at least view all projects (and better to also access the form submissions) in Kobo without having to login to different accounts. I hope I am making sense.

We do this by using API calls to fetch data from the various forms using the super admin’s token.

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Thanks for the response. It would have been a nice feature if this can be provided at the Kobo UI.