Is there a way to find which language the survey was answered in?

I have a form which I translated into another language. It is of value to me to know which language was used to fill the form. The interest is to compare or separate people who answered in different languages, so I can see if French respondent and British respondent, for example, can be pooled together into one data set, or should be analyzed separately.

I know that data download let’s me choose in which language to export the data (which is a very useful feature), but that does not tell me what language was used initially. I suppose I can make two copies, each one in a different language, and then combine the exported data, but that is an unnecessary hassle, that can also lead to human error (duplicate or missed cases, columns of data going to the wrong place, etc. - whatever humans can mess up with cut and paste.

I should mention that I hope to deploy a web form as a web survey - each response is from an different, anonymous, respondent, unknown to me. The language can suggest their country of origin.



@zvig, you could use this approach outlined by @wroos:

We also however have this feature request in the community:

You could VOTE for it to make it a reality!

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Okay, thanks. I suppose I can add a language question "what language do you use to answer the form? and give choices for the translations languages. This, I think, is a less sophisticated version of @wroos proposes.

As for the suggestion - which I did vote for - it’s not exactly what I wanted.

I want a single dataset with a language variable, not several datasets each in a different language. Two (or more) datasets would actually make life more difficult - because in each set the variables names will be in a different language (at least in some export settings).

Hello @zvig,
I would like to mention again, that the same submitted form could have been done switching between the available languages. The user can change the (available) language at any place during working on a form.

A workaround to “see” the language used at a select question would be to calculate and store the
Another option could be to clone the form and deploy/use different fixed (single) language versions/links.

Hint: Variable and choice names are not language specific, only their labels. Furthermore you can chose the language (for the labels!) of an export.