Is there a way to know the device which collected the data for the following _id?

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I want to ask if there is a way yo know the device that the data collected from it from the _id column or from _uuid column. These columns are automatically saved from the tools it’s self.

Can we know the device that the data collected from just from _id or _uuid ? is it possible ?
_id 's would be like this:


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Welcome back to the community, @musto! This is possible if you activate the device id metadata from under the Layout & Settings of that particular survey project, as shown in the image below:


By doing so, you will be able to see the same as follows:

Image 1

But also please note that this will now be able to show you the details for those data already collected and stored in your server. It will only work for those collecting after the configuration is done.

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If I’d not do this setting before data collection, is it possible to know the device or not?
Because after doing this setting I have to redeploy the form and I don’t want to do that.

I told you that the raw data has _id column and _uuid column, can we use it or we can not?
And for knowledge, what is the data inside these columns refers to?

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@musto, kindly please be informed that unless and until you don’t active those settings you will not be able to identity who submitted the data. Besides, please be informed that _id and _uuid are simply the unique id provided by the system.

Ok, but I make something interesting.

I have 2 researcher in one project, I know who did which record of the project (i have a question inside the project asking who is the researcher) and after that I compared the _id with the name of the researcher and I found that the firs “6” charecter of the _id is matched for the same researcher,
I mean, researcher1 has _ids like this 170934 for all his records (submitted records) and resercher2 has differnt first “6” charecter form _id was like 170986 for all his records too.

So I thought maybe it can help in this situation.

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@musto, if you already have the enumerators name you do not need to tally it with the _id as it’s already evident that the survey form was filled out by that particular enumerator.

That was for another project.
For this project I have not enumerators name.

By the way I did what you told me and redeployed the form and as I expected it will only work for new sumbmetions not for old ones.

The _id is an incremental unique id provided by the system. Hence say if two of your enumerators submit the submissions to the server simultaneously, the first one would be recorded as 170934 while the second one would be recorded as 170935. But also, please be informed that KoBoToolbox has many users. Hence, other users may also get the _id in between the _id mentioned above (if they also happen to submit their data to their user account).

It’s clear now.
I appreciate your time and effort.

Thank you so much!

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