Is there a way to only delete media files, not the associated survey data?

Hi Kobo crew,

Given the renewed Kobo storage limits I would like to delete all media files associated to some of my survey projects, while leaving the survey data themselves on the Kobo server. Is there an option to do so? Thanks a lot in advance!

Welcome to the community, @Nik! As of now, KoboToolbox does not support this feature. But we already have a feature request for the same …

Kindly please also be informed that our team is working on this feature request and should be live soon.

Great! Thanks a lot, looking forward to that feature.

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Hi Kobo crew,

Any chance this feature will be released prior to the transition of the legacy plan to community plan on March 1st? Thanks!

Kind regards,

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@Nik, it’s still a work in progress. We will update you once it’s done.

If we are not able to delete media files associated with our projects before default switching to community plan, how will it affect the functioning of our projects?

@mohan_n, there are two ways to tackle this (until we have the feature ready). The first option would be to upgrade to a paid plan or buy storage add-ons. The second option would be to delete the projects/submissions holding media attachments.