Is there any workaround in the view the PDF files like the images under the DATA>Table>Open?

Downloading the attachments is not possible on all projects. Is there any workaround in the view part? This is mainly because we are working with the Status system and reviewing attachments there saves a lot of time.

@sms_greece, so did you mean you wish to view the attachments from within the DATA>Table?

Yes, exactly that!

@sms_greece, could you kindly please let us know the file type you wish to view from within the DATA>Table view? As not all file types are viewable. We could however have a new features request if the file type does not support viewing currently.

They are mandatory pdfs, as it is restricted in the file naming and file type.

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@sms_greece, I don’t think the system would allow you to read a PDF file and display it like you can visualize the images. I have thus changed this post to a feature request. Feel free to VOTE for it or reach out to us back if you would like to sponsor this feature.