Is there support for Real Time Kinemetic (RTK) GPS point recording on Kobotoolbox?

Dear all,

My team and I are collecting household surveys in Zimbabwe as part of a sewer connection project. We need to collect very accurate GPS points and one of my team members have brought up the idea of using real time kinematic tool to record the GPS points. I am rather new to this RTK thing. It seems that the open-sourced ODK platform supports this. Is this supported in Kobotoolbox?



Hi Billy,
Welcome to the community forum and we are glad to hear from you.

Structurally, KoBoCollect application is built on the same structure of ODK and as such any functionalities accepted by ODK should be accepted on KoBo. I suggest that you test this on your end to verify since we have not done this before.

On GPS accuracy, we have seen also more helpful results when using GPS fix apps such as this

Kindly note that any third app used as an example on this thread is not a product of KoBoToolBox and any reference to it does not constitute and endorsement or acceptance of liability towards its use.


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