Is there way of identifying submission by whom (user or email id)

Dear @Kal_Lam ,


Hope you guys are ok and doing well.
I need a suggestion from you and your team. Is there any way, so that I can configure submission submitted by whom.
Is there any way where we can specify username and password at the time of clicking on the link of the form?

Thanks in advance.

Asif Rahman Joy

Welcome back to the community, @asif_rahman_joy! Could you also let us know the mode of data collection (i.e., do you intend to use the Collect Android App or Enketo aka the Web Form) you wish to perform?

Is there a way?

  1. Password Text Box-- whatever I write on the box, only a special character (#,*,$) will be shown.
  2. Dynamic Data Attachment–Using instance() function we can fetch data from another form with the help of “xml-external”. But is it possible to fetch data from the same form?

Thanks in advance for your cooperation