Issue deleting projects

Hello community,

I am deleting some projects and for some it works and for others (coincidentally with more data collected) I get the following error message appears: 502 Bad Gateway.

How can I get around this to delete the proyects?

Welcome to the community, @LRbls! Would you mind sharing with me the following through a private message so that I could delete them for you:

  • Username
  • Projects that you wish to delete
  • Server

@LRbls, Please be informed that I deleted all the four projects that you listed me through the private message. Please also be informed that there is still one project in your user account that you have not listed me through the private message. Let me know if I should delete it as well.

Hi, Thanks a lot, yes please delete the remaining project: North Kivu CEA sensitisation. Best.

This project has been deleted too.

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