Issue exporting data from tablets while offline

I am experimenting with pulling data while offline in case there is a situation where there is no internet. I tried the steps outlined here but when I click Export it stays at that status indefinitely as seen in the screenshot

Is there anything I need to check to solve this? I’m using ODK Briefcase v1.18.0

@dtrotman, did you follow all the steps outlined in the post discussed previously?

Yes, I did. I successfully pulled the form from the tablet to my computer and I am trying to export it on the same computer. Here are a couple of screenshots showing my settings:


It doesn’t work whether I include start\end dates or not.

And here’s the folder structure of the pulled form:

EDIT: I changed the screenshot to include the files and folders in the briefcase storage

@dtrotman, maybe this support article should also be helpful for you to locate the actual storage path of your android device:

Once you are able to track the actual location path, you should be able to extract your submissions as outlined in the previous post.

I’m pretty sure I got the correct storage path. I’m using the latest version of KoboCollect so the path would be in the “Android\data\\files\projects” folder. I copied the entire folder to my computer and pulled the data from there. The file structure of is below:

I wanted to specifically pull Social Assessment Extended NEOC Exercise.