Issue of downloading data (the labels of choices) with using select_one_external

Hello guys
When using (select_one_external), and we download data, we get the choices from (select_one_external) in names instead of the labels
Is there a solution to get the data (in labels)
Many thanks :slight_smile: ,

Welcome back to the community, @yaser_sham! I have changed your post to features request. Maybe feel free to VOTE for it if you wish to see this feature with KoboToolbox in the near future.

You could also reach us back if you wish to sponsor this feature so that all the KoboToolbox users could benefit from it.

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Two possible workarounds:

  1. Save the label in an additional variable in your form (calculation with jr:choice-name() or instance() ).
  2. Add the labels in Excel in an extra column, e.g. based on a look-up table.