Issue with admin settings in 1.23.3

Once an Admin password is set on KoboCollect, the app crashes each time you try to access General settings. This is not an issue on the older version 1.14.0.

Is the older version of KoboCollect in Github somewhere so I can delete the new version and replace it until the Admin settings functionality is fixed?


Hi @pathfinder_mel,

Yes, as said if you try to access the General Settings, from Admin Settings>General Settings, the application crashes and returns back to the home screen. However, if you try to access the General Settings (as shown in the image below) directly from the home screen you will not face the problem.

Also, kindly please be informed that the issue has already been informed to the developers.


Hi Kal,

We have youth enumerators using the tablets to collect data and we do not want them to make changes to the app, so we need to lock them from the enumerators, hence using the Administrator settings.

Do you have the APK link for the older version so we can install it and use it until this issue is resolved?


Hi @pathfinder_mel,

Kindly please be informed that the latest version of the KoBoCollect android app (v.1.25.1) has been released and you should be able to download the same form google play store. The issue you have reported should be solved in this version.

Have a great day!

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