Issue with Bengali translation

I’m having trouble with a new form with Bengali translations. I have imported forms in Urdu and other scripts and not had any issues. Are there any languages that Enketo does not support?

Could you kindly share a screen shot of the issue (how it should look and how it is seen). In addition could you also share with us your sample xlsform so that we could have a closer look.

Hi @Kal_Lam,

Unfortunately, there’s not really a screenshot that I can share of this. The survey loads onto KoBoToolbox and can be deployed, but when I try to open or edit the survey, I receive a red error message, but with no actually attached error.

You responded to another of my questions with information on how to contact you with access to the system and surveys, so I will send you the survey and the account information there.



Looking at the issue of your Bengali translation i see it’s OK at my end (except for some missing translations). I tested this with Chrome. Maybe you should try changing your browser if you are using something else at your end.

Data entry screen as seen in Enketo:

However, i see some English fonts in your Bengali translation due to the incomplete translation in your survey project.

Survey tab of your xlsform that shows incomplete translation:

Choices tab of your xlsform that shows incomplete translation:

Don’t know if it’s on purpose or an accidental issue with the translations missing.

If you still have issues translating your survey project kindly please have a look at our support article Adding Another Language in the Project Dashboard or Adding Another Language to your XLSForm which ever you feel comfortable with.

Hi @Kal_Lam,

The inclusion of some English was on purpose since these terms don’t have perfect translations. However, you are right about browser. I guess that Safari does not support Bengali – there is no error when using Chrome.

Thank you, as always, for an incredibly prompt response and solution!

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Glad to know it worked for you. And thank you as well for letting the community know that Safari has issues with the Bengali translation. This should be an eye opener for many users experiencing the same. :clap:

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Would you please share the xls from with Bangla.
Thank you in advance.


Welcome to the community, @RashedBD! Could you be more specific on why you would require an XLSForm with Bangla? Maybe having known this, the community should be able to help you out.

Thanks for your email.
I want to learn how I can add Bangla and English in xls form.
I can add Bangla or English. But I can not add both languages same time in xls form.


A M Rasheduzzaman Khan, MSS (Economics), MDS

@RashedBD, this support article Adding Another Language to your XLSForm should help you solve your issue: