Issue with huge data in a user account

Dear All,

We have one form that has more than 450,000 submissions, this makes some issues:
1- With login to the shared account (show loading only)
2-Miss some data when we make sync (we count the submissions on the kobo app for example 10 but on the data on kobo form only 8 we found)
I need your advice to solve these issues. Each month we collect at least 100,000 submissions.

FYI I’m using “”

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Hi @slibee

This has to do with the size of your project. Could you confirm what kind of work you are doing or type of data you are collecting?

This is a very difficult issue to resolve since we would need to look at which ones are missing by example of what is in the collect application and online on the database.


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We make temperature check for all patients enter our facilities and some question (for COVID)

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if you want I can give you example when this happen and how many submissions missed

@slibee, this should be helpful for us if you share details of how and when this happens.