Issue with jr choice name function not referring to labels

Hi community,
I’m encountering an issue the jr choice name function that does not show any label in return. Have looked online quite a bit to find an answer without luck. This thread here shows exactly what I’ve done - but somehow it does not work… Help?
In my case, the jr choice name inside the repeat does not show the label the function refers to, but the name “code” only (eg. “act_label” only is showed, as per the form attached below)
Have attached the xlsform for reference - I was wondering if this is due to the position factor or the group layout…
If you can have a look that would be very welcome! Thank you
Quest Darwin KoBo draft v2.xlsx (21.1 KB)

@effy1988, could you kindly share your xlsform extracting the issue that you are currently facing (instead of sharing the entire xlsform)?

Hi @Kal_Lam , thanks for the reply! Sure here it is - as I did not know if the issue was linked to the group layout, I thought I would include the whole form. Here a version with the 2 repeat groups where the issue with jr choice name appears (in both repeat groups).
Quest Darwin KoBo draft v2.xlsx (14.8 KB)

And this is the issue I’m getting: the screenshot shows (act_label) for each repeated selection instead of the activity name.

Hi @effy1988
Could you please reference to the name as ${act_label} instead of {act_label}. Note the omission of the $ in your script.



Aaaaaaah! Can’t believe I didn’t notice this… I stared at the right version without understanding what was wrong with mine… Anyway, sorry it was a silly mistake, and thank you very much for looking into it!
@stephanealoo @Kal_Lam

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