I am a kobo collect user and it is a tool that helps me a lot in collecting, processing and analyzing data. However since I use the new version there are tasks that I can no longer do to download data using ODkBriefcase production based on an sql server query. The constant is that the form_id variable is no longer accessible to allow me to execute the query so when my query is executed I receive an error message saying that the “Form ID doesn’t exist”.

I noticed when I develop a form using xlsform in the settings part the form_id variable is changed to id_string when I load and deploy the form on the kobo server.
So I don’t know if in the new version the form_id variable has been removed or not and if so what variable is the equivalent of form_id that we must use to download the data using the query below that I use in previous versions to download data from ODKBriefcase production.
Here is the query that I have always used but which no longer works with the new version of kobo collect :
Exec xp_cmdshell ‘java -jar D:\ODK\ODKBriefcaseProduction.jar -id name_of_form_id -sd D:\ODK -url https://koboserver -u username -p password’

The above query allowed me to download the data in the xml file.

Hi @Jles001, can you please ask this question in the ODK forum as Kobo is not involved in the development of Collect or Briefcase:

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I noticed that after updating Kobo, the form_id variable is no longer accessible. If the xlsform form or xlsform file is deployed on the kobo server, the form_id variable is converted to id_string. But according to what I noticed, ODKBriefcase uses id (form_id) variable to download data as xml file from kobo server. Since I automated my tools, I need to download the data in xml format.