Issue with uploading media file as external file

Dear All,
I am encountering a problem that when I upload external file for pull data function, it says : * External instance “data” is empty? Any help

Hi @nmimr, can you please share the following with me in a private message so that I can take a look:

  • username
  • project title
  • server (HHI/OCHA)

@nmimr, there is a server upgrade underway, so it could be related. Let’s see if it’s still an issue later today :+1:

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@nmimr, feel free to reach us back if the issue still persists.

Yes the issue persists:
Failed to load data from /media/get/https/

@nmimr. could you kindly share with me the information through a private message:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server (OCHA/HHI)

@nmimr, the issue seems to be with your csv file. When looking at your csv file closely I did not find the header for the same:


but this work on other earlier version. So what will be the specify solution so I can fix and try.

A sample of a CSV header would be somewhat like this (which is something that is missing in your CSV file):

Thanks and that is exactly what I have. it is a kish grid table. the columns are random numbers of 1 to 9. thus random_number= int(9*random())+1
So if you select hh1 and random number is 1 then it is 1

@nmimr, maybe you can learn more on pulldata through our support article Pull Data Functionality in KoBoToolbox.

It works now. @Josh was spot on that it was a server issue.