Issued of Result outputs were shown the data code only in Google Sheet and Kobo API Connection

Hello all,

I’ve created the connection between google Sheets and kobo data using API. After that, I got these issues that got a good connection, but our output data results were not shown the Label Name on it. Just show the code name only output results on it. How can we fix it well? Please give me a hand all.

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community, @yanlinnkyaw_157! You could follow this support article to see the labels when connecting your data:

PS avoid using the CSV API. Instead, try using the XLS API.

Thanks much Kal_Lam.
I got it with another option that I used a custom URL link and input it into the API connector with data.csv which linked with google Sheets. It’s worked. But in the API connector build-in setting, they gave the dropdown list limited like JSON file type. It didn’t provide the output results that we want ti. Anyhow, Thanks for helping me with kindness and support.