Issues collecting data with the time format questions

Hi all,
I’m having issues with the time format questions- periodically, one of the time format questions refuses to work and it says “Sorry! The response is invalid” even though it’s filled out correctly. I then have to go and delete the question, add it again, download the xls and add the translation in the local language, and upload again. Then of course every time my enumerators have to retrieve the latest version, which is extremely frustrating because it happens every other day. Any idea why this format of a question is so buggy and what to do about it?


Welcome to the community, @iwona033! Maybe you will need to see the constraint used in this time question that is having issues? If there is any constraint, remove it to see how it behaves.

Hi Kal_Lam! Thanks for your support. The challenge is that it’s different time questions (the time format ones) that keep having this issue- I fix one and then there’s another (in the same format) that has the same issue. Do you mean things like skip logic as a constraint?

@iwona033, you should be able to check out the contraint as oulitned in the support article Limiting Responses with Validation Criteria.