Issues linking with Power Bi


When I try to link my form to powerbi, one of the groups comes out as null (see attached). This is a group within a group type of question. The parent group is not null; however, this group is null and I can’t figure out why. Does anyone have any insights?

@zradanovic, would you mind checking this under the DATA>Table as well as with the download to see if they are OK? Would you also mind giving it another try to connect your data to the Power BI to see if it works smoothly?


Sharing screenshots from the Data page where there is no information either, as well as the screenshot from PowerBi.

Finally I’m attaching the form xls…
aJof4iwLHjY7g4QAaNVaNz.xlsx (9.8 KB)


Seems like your project data has not only the repeat group data but also the nested repeat data (which is a complex form of data structure). Would you mind trying it out with a normal project (dummy project) that should not have any repeat group or a nested repeat group data to see if they work? If they work, try this with first the repeat group data and if it works too, try it with a nested repeat data.

Hi Kal,

We have successfully done this with a normal project and with a repeat group. It is when the nested repeat group is added that we get null values.

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@zradanovic, nested groups are generally complex groups. Maybe our community has some workaround if anyone has already faced this previously.