Issues with download

Hi, I used this and during data entry and submission in KoboCollect it works fine, but when I try to export the data, it says Export Failed. I tried exporting in both CSV and XLS format - XML values as well as Labels.
Attached are screenshots of the form, from the survey tab.

I also just tried autocomplete search(‘respondents’) instead of search search(‘respondents’), and same issue - form can be filled and submitted successfully, but cannot be exported. :frowning:

Just an update: Got it to work, a YouTube tutorial helped. The “select_one_from_file” was causing trouble, so I just used “select_one” with the autocomplete, and it works in KoboCollect as well. Data export works fine.
One additional helpful thing would be, if I could get both the value and label of the single-select choices in the exported data. Regardless of whether the “XML values” or “Labels” data is exported, the single select column displays the corresponding values of the choices. If we want the label we can just type the label in the choices column instead of the values, but then I would not get the values.
This isn’t much of a problem though as I will have unique entries in this KoBo datafile and can use vlookup to pull the label column from excel. But if anyone has an easy way to incorporate this in Kobo, that would be great!


Thank you for confirming that the issue has been solved. Thank you also for sharing your experience with the community.

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