Issues with installing kobotoolbox locally

Hello, i’ve been trying to install kobotoolbox locally on my machine which is a linux vm running on windows using the kobo-install script but i have come upon some issues that i have no clue how to solve. Those issues are not being able to access a form after deploying it, not being able to send the data from the form and not being able to create a new account.

The form creator and preview work with no issues, i can create and edit a form with no problems and even validate it on the previewer but after i deploy it and i press the open button to access it i get this error
enkento error

after managing to bypass that error by using the link from the previewer the data fails to be sent into the server

and my final issue is that i can’t create a new account using the create account button or to be precise after pressing the create button the website crashes and while the account is created in the database i can’t login with it.

I have no idea how to solve any of those issues and would like some help. I tried to post more pictures and logs from the other account creation and failure to sent data issues but as a new user i couldn’t attach more than one picture.

Welcome to the community, @jamdumdum12! Seems like your installation had some issues.