Issues with signatures uploading through Enketo

Hi. I’m having an issue using the signature function. I’ve implemented it using the guide at Signature Question Type — KoBoToolbox documentation. However, though it appears that there’s a record, when using Enketo on an iPhone it only actually creates an image less than half of the time (though seems to work all of the time when using a laptop).

When the signature function fails, there’s still an image icon in the data tables on the KoBo website (though if you click on it, nothing shows up), and a .png name is listed in Excel when the data is downloaded. However, nothing is visible in the Gallery, and if you download media by Zip these images still don’t show up.

When the functionality works it’s fantastic, so really keen to work out what’s going wrong here!


@BenA, could you share with us a screenshot of the same so that we could understand your issue pictorially?

@Kal_Lam, thanks for your quick response. I’m attaching two screenshots, the first showing an image failing to load, and the second showing the gallery where only 2 images are located rather than the 6 that should be there.

@Kal_Lam, second image attached here (edited post to provide better image)

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@BenA, we will get back to you when we resolve this issue.

Hi @BenA, we apologize for this. There are issues already created for what you’ve observed and hopefully they will be tackled soon:

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