Issues with Start, End and Submission Time of the Forms

We are using KoboCollect and when our users submit the forms, the data collected has the start time earlier than end time and even the submission time. These are system generated times which I am finding them to be wrong as I had expected the start time to be before the end time. The end time should also have been before the submission time. Please see example below:
Start: 2019-08-24T15:04:56.351+03
End: 2019-08-24T12:29:49.755+03
Submission Time: 2019-08-24T13:28:44

I will appreciate your help.

Hi @abdiweli,

On the ODK Forum I found some people which had the same issue than you :

It seems it’s link to a change in the time zone or a problem with the way you code your survey.

Have you the same issue with each submissions? Are you sure there are any bug with devices about the time zone? Do users return to previous questions once they have completed everything?

All the best,
Chloé :slight_smile:

Hi @abdiweli
To look into this further beyond what @chloelaborde has indicated, it would be good to clarify the following:

  • Does this affect all the records in your database?

  • If not, do the errors come from only a set of devices or randomly from all devices?

  • If randomly from all devices, are they only affecting particular dates?
    -If yes, could you clarify on the specific dates so that we troubleshoot further?


Thanks for your response. Yes its happening on most submissions. Its happening on all devices randomly. Users don’t necessary need to return to first question after completing everything. Its odd that submission time is shown as before the start of the interview, which I find it very odd. I have confirmed system dates and times are correct.

Thanks Stephane.