Issues with the app - can't access data

Data has been collected on the app. However, it is not coming through on the web version. Some participants’ responses are, and others aren’t, even though they are in the sent section of the app.

Some responses that come through are missing a lot data, even though the enumerators ensured all responses were filled in.

We have used kobo toolbox successfully for two years and haven’t had this issue until the last few months. We have tried multiple devices and have the same issue.

We are very concerned about this as it is causing huge issues with data collection in the final phase of a large project evaluating an intervention.

Any suggestions?

When our enumerators submit the data on the app, some responses are not showing on the web version, therefore we cannot download the data. They are showing in the ‘sent’ section of the app.

Additionally, some questions that were definitely filled in are showing up as blank on the responses on the web version, even though answers were definitely submitted.

We have used kobotoolbox for two years with no issues but recently, in the last crucial stage of our data collection, we are finding this very frustrating.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated! Thank you

Welcome to the community, @elinorparrott! Could you also let us know if this is just an issue from a single device or a case from multiple devices?