Issues with using GPS


We pair our android devices with submeter external GPS receivers to obtain the highest accuracy possible for our GPS point submissions. I then approve/reject them for upload into our database based upon the Accuracy (m) value. Ideally, these values are between 0.2 m and 3 m.

I’ve recently begun experimenting with using an iphone for data collection. I’ve verified that the Lat/Lon coordinates supplied by the iphone to Enketo accurately reflect the coordinates from the submeter external unit, As such I would expect Kobo to log an Accuracy value in the 0.2 m to 3 m range. However, the accuracy value always reads “10” m.

Has anyone else encountered this issue with iOS? If so, do you know of a solution to have the correct Accuracy (m) value to be recorded into the Kobo form? I’ve searched through most of the threads to no avail, and I’m not encountering this disconnect with any of the other mapping apps that we use.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Welcome to the community, @davidlan! Maybe you will need to try using other applications that boost your gps connectiviy such as ActiveGPS . But at the same time, using the ActiveGPS main drain your battery very quickly.

For more accurate measures, we recommend that you check the devices you chose and determine whether they are measuring gps more accurately as recommended in this external topic.

Hi @Kal_Lam

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