Java form error (KoBoCollect android app)

please check below error occur in our phone .
java.lang.boolean cannot be cast to org.javarosa.core

Thank you

Hi @arth,

Is this an error message that you see when trying to download your form to your KoBoCollect android app or do you see this error message when trying to collect data in your KoBoCollect android app.

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this error occur when form fill in android phone .


Hi @arth,

Could you share your xlsform, I assume the problem is within your xlsform.

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The message you see below is actually an error on your form as cited by @Kal_Lam

There were some discussions back in 2017 on a different forum which I summarize here as follows

There must be a data type that has been specified wrongly.
For example if you have a ‘date’ that is being stored as an ‘integer’.
In this case it looks like you have a boolean (yes=1, no=2) being stored as a string.

Check in the relevance column of your .xls sheet and make sure that If relevance ${a}=b then both a and b are boolean or both a and b are strings.

I hope this solves the issue for you.


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Hi I am also getting this error.

However my error dialogue box is slightly different. Can anyone help tell me what does this mean?

Hi @Anare
Could you kindly download the XLS version of the form and check for any errors here ? This will help you identify any issues that you have that are causing the issues.


Hi @Anare,

In the same time, could you also let the community know the KoBoCollect android app version you are currently using?