Job Board Guidelines

When using the KoBo Job Board, please follow our guidelines, which have been adapted from the ODK Marketplace Rules.

All soliciting for work should be kept in the KoBo Job Board category. Soliciting is discouraged through personal messages.

  • If you are open to being solicited, write that on your user profile with your external contact information included.

The Job Board should only be used for job listings and ads-for-hire directly related to KoBoToolbox development, data collection, and training. If you’re wishing to offer or seek services related to the development of the Collect app, please refer to ODK’s Marketplace instead.

  • The community can flag topics it finds non-compliant and forum staff can, and will, remove topics it determines non-compliant.

Topics should include external contact information like an email address or external job posting link. If you are interested in responding to a Job Board topic, please use the external contact information that is provided.

  • If you end up taking a job you found on the KoBo Job Board, please reply to the topic to let the rest of the community know. It helps you build credibility and it helps us know how well the category is working.
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