Journal of connected users

Hello everyone,
I have many users on my kobo count, so i want to know who was connected to account and what he did. like connexion journal.

@alpariss, could you kindly sketch (provide a detailed description) what you intend to see here?

I want to know who was log in and what he did.
I have 5 users, so i whant to know what each users did.

Please, someone can help me!!!
I want to say, how to know the users who have connected to your account and what they have done too.
I have several users to whom I have shared projects, so I would really like to know what they are doing.

@alpariss, sorry, as KoboToolbox does not have this feature. But if you/your organization is willing to sponsor this feature, entire KoboToolbox users could benefit. Feel free to reach us back if you wish to have this with KoboToolbox.