Jr:choice-name is not returning Arabic labels with repeated group

I am trying to build a survey with repeat group where partners have to select up to three locations where they witnessed return of refugees to the country. then I am using jr:choice-name to show the lables of the locations the partners select.
my problem is that the jr:choice-name function is only retunning the English lables and is not retunning the Arabic lables when I change the form language.

attached is a version of the survey.
Returnees Survey - Copy.xlsx (61.7 KB)

Hi @Naeim,

I reviewed your form and i see that arabic labels working fine. What i understood form your text is that you start the filling form in English then change the language and this label doesn’t change. am i right? If i am right, if you start in english and choose the option, Kobo saves it as variable and it doesn’t change when form language change. You need to start with the language would like to view.


you are completely right, I was testing the form and switching between the two languages thinking Enketo would automatically refresh. thank you so much for testing the form :slight_smile:


@osmanburcu, :bowing_man: