JSON file does not show question ir order

Hello guys:

I am trying to export the data from Kobo to Google sheet. To do this I am testing the “Api Connector” Addons, which loads the data, but the questions do not appear in the order defined in the questionnaire. At first I thought it was some problem with the Addons, but when I checked the JSON file corresponding to the questionnaire, I realized that the questions (which would later be columns in google sheet) were in a different order.

For example, I have a matrix type question that requires entering the number of tests applied to people by age group and sex, as shown in the attached image. However, as you can see in the JSON file, they (the question) are included in an unordered way, this being the one that the Connector API uses in the end to insert it into googlesheet. (See Matrix question and JSON images)!

Is there any way to garanty that JSON follows the pre-defined question order? And, what could be happening in my case?

Screenshot_2020-09-12 Test xls form - API-KOBO KoboToolbox|690x324 !

Hello Guys!
Anybody could help me with this https://community.kobotoolbox.org/t/json-file-does-not-show-question-ir-order/12289? We’re running out of time :woozy_face:. Hope to receive any response.

I had a look at the Github and some issues may have been indicated within Github which indicate to the problem.


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Thanks @stephanealoo for your response.

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