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Hi i have a problem with a question type unique selection:

Question # 3 says for example: are you agree, disagre, not sure pick one (if pick disagree go back to question # 2) i have tried to create that situation but i cant go to a previous question if i select a especific anwser of a future question.

Welcome @sam115159,
As far as I know, programming a jump back is not possible in XLSForm and Kobo.

A workaround might be to duplicate the question (with different name) and use a relevant filter. (You might also copy the “previous” value per calculation with once here).

Could you provide more details of your requirement, e.g. an extract of the form, please?

There might be another workaround if the previous question is required = true. To empty the previous value on the required question with a trigger and automatically generate a validation (required) error. But it depends on your form design and settings when the validation is done and visible by Enketo or Collect.6

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