KoBo account back up

Dear Kal_Lam,

can we take our KoBo account back up from all the data or forms what we have?

Sorry did not get you clearly.

we have our projects collected data in KoBo account the one which you assisted me on issue. as i shard the username.
So, how we can get the back up to keep it in organization computer or external hard driver. in case something happen then.

@Hassani, this feature is not available with KoBoToolbox. However, you could always make a backup of your projects by downloading the forms and data manually to your computer. Please be informed that unless and until you don’t delete the projects from your user account, they do not get deleted. Hence, we would like to assure you that leaving the project in your user account is very safe unless you share your login credentials with a trusted user.

very good to know this. as almost 8 users have access to this account. then if someone delete a project form, then can i recognize who did this?
As I am in country office where managing this KoBo account

Requesting so would kill our developers’ time. Thus, we request users to create at least 2 user accounts (one is the admin account where you could create and manage it from your country office, and the other is the enumerator’s account which you could share with other users). You should then share the survey project from the admin account to the enumerators account limiting with certain access that you wish to control as outlined in our support article Managing Permissions.