KoBo API examples, using new KPI endpoints (KoBo On Your Own Server)

Hello guys, Based on the below use case, could you advice me on the best way to achieve the below tasks :

Currently the media is not accessible publicly unless logged in through kf.mydomain.com using correct credentials for that form**

Part 1
I want to make media accessible publicly using separate login credentials without requiring any interaction with kf.mydomain.com

This is because some of our users don’t know anything about kpi ie kf.mydomain.com)

Their interest is just to access the media files and related form so
They will just login with username and password and they should be able to access the media files and related form from there

Part 2

To manage form and media files from part 1.
Each form should have its own media folder, and at the time of submission of instances the media should automatically fall into these folders.

Note: Hosting Kobo toolbox on my own server so am open to any proposed solutions ie, Customization, Use of API or any other

Hi @stephenoduor,

The following support article should help you as a backup:

Regarding your first issue:

For this, maybe you could 1) share your survey project that has a media with a user and 2) the user could access the media files without your login credentials.

Regarding your second issue:

If you follow the support article clearly that i have shared above you will see that each forms (submission) should have a separate folder for image.

Have a great day!

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Thanks @Kal_Lam I will check it out

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Any other suggestion for Part 1 is welcomed

Please give the help and give the more problem 7705988432

Hi @stephenoduor

We do not have a provision for this. You may want to try other workarounds that will push the files from the server to a cloud service that allows such a login.


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