Kobo API not working for archived forms

Hi all,

I have a Power BI dashboard where I’m pulling data using the Kobo API. All the forms were working fine before, but recently I haven’t been able to connect the dashboard to archived forms using the API. Under edit permissions, I selected “Anonymous” credentials and “Public” Privacy Level. Is there a different way to connect archived forms? I’m not sure what’s going on since it was working fine before…

Would appreciate any help, thank you!

Hi @SNB, you should still have access to the data for archived forms. Can you please specify which API endpoint you are using to connect to Power BI?

Hi Josh, I have access to the archived forms when I log on to my Kobo account. I’m also able to download the csv when I use the API link https://kc.kobotoolbox.org/api/v1/data/XXXXXX.csv. But when I try to use the same link (with .csv changed to .xlsx) as a Web source in PBI, I get the following error: DataSource.Error: Web.Contents failed to get contents from ‘https://kc.kobotoolbox.org/api/v1/data/XXXXXX.xlsx’ (404): Not Found
Details:…" However, it’s working fine with non-archived forms so I thought it might be an issue with archived forms.