Kobo API V2’s bulk update feature for the form with a dynamic variable to pull the csv file name

Hello Kobo team
I would like to ask for your help

We are facing the problem with editing the records using Enketo due to the limitation with pulling the csv file name dynamically, we found the similar topic on that with the explanation of the issue

Unfortunately, we are unable to use the suggested the workaround with the “if statement” due to the high number of CSV files attached to the form.

So, we thought we could try to use Kobo API V2’s bulk update feature to overcome this limitation

PATCH /api/v2/assets/{uid}/data/bulk/

However, during the test we got the server error 500, so we are not 100% that is the same problem with pulling csv file or not ?

Can you please help us to clarify that ?

Thank you so much in advance!