KoBo Auto retrieve name of logged in user

Hello, I’m making a form which requires me to retrieve the name of the logged in user and store it in a text (read only). I already set the Require authentication to see forms and submit data to true in account settings.

It does require me to login but I can’t retrieve the name of the user, using the ${username} variable in my XLSForm.

Please help.

Here is my XLSForm survey sheet.

Hi @rodentskie,

Welcome to the community. Are you trying to do this via the application “KOBO collect” or via the webform “Enketo”?
Could you please share with us your form as an xls file.

Hi @Ysr3322,

Thank you for the welcome.
I’m using webform via “Enketo” sir.

Here is my .xlsx file sir.

New users can’t upload so I just uploaded it on my drive. Thank you.

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Hi @rodentskie,

To retrieve the username of the respondent, you only be able to do this when the users use KOBO collect app, not the webform.
In your form, you have to add the username question as in the following example.

This the result when using the webform:

and this with KOBO Collect app

pullet-dev.xlsx (11.4 KB)


Thank you so much sir @Ysr3322


Hello sir, can you help me with this issue? Metadata_username value to send to MainMenuActivity.xml
Thanks in advance!