Pulldata url basis concatenate with username

Hi @Kal_Lam

i need a help , what i am trying to build is opening a pdf file , basis a url which i am getting from pulldata from a csv, what i need is that the pulldata should be done basis concatenate of username and selectone field , i tried the method of

Link to url from pulled data - #9 by jborruel

it goes well when using input , but when i tried to pull data based on concatenate of username & select_one field it failed , it does not show the url link button.

please help

form and csv attached here for your reference.
Form : payslipun.xlsx (10.4 KB)
CSV : Salida_BBDD.csv (194 Bytes)

i used a copy from above post and then modified according to requirement but it is not working

Please note : The reason to use username is that only the authorized login can open the file

Please help

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@caneeraj, while looking at your xlsform I see the following:

Typo error in your concat expression:



Use of metadata username

While using username, it should work with Collect android app but could not work as expected with Enekto.

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Hi @Kal_Lam

Really it helped us a lot

Thank you

Cheers !