Kobo Collect and repeatable groups for android

Repeat groups should work in Collect. Could you perhaps post your XLSForm and we might be able to determine the problem?

I can not upload files yet however see the below link.


Thank you for your help, it has been a real challenge to try and resolve. For reference, in the app it just excludes those questions from the view outright.


I have recently had a similar problem. Questions dependent on a relevant answer are not appearing when the relevant answer is selected. If I save the form and come back to it, they appear. They are not appearing when the question is selected, which they should.

It works fine in the web browser, but not on the android ODK collect or kobo collect apps

If these questions are under a field-list style group, then presently questions on the same page will not appear (or disappear) according to their relevance (!). This is a known issue/bug, which you can track here: Fields dependent upon an earlier field are not updated · Issue #378 · getodk/collect · GitHub

I’m hopeful a fix for this will be available shortly for ODK Collect, which I expect will be picked up by KoboCollect in a subsequent release.

FYI this has been fixed in ODK Collect 1.22, which is currently in beta. See ODK thread for details.

@tinok what’s the rev schedule for KoboCollect? IMHO this might be a really good one to pull in.

Thanks @Xiphware, we’ll are updating KoBoCollect at the moment and will include this in the next release or as soon as possible after. It’s a great feature/fix by the Collect team that will be extremely welcomed by anyone who’s experienced this issue before.

Sorry for the delay. I believe this is your form, correct?

repeat.xlsx (12.5 KB)

If so, FYI that I’ve run this under both Enketo and the latest ODK Collect, and it appears to behave OK; I’ve not run it under KoboCollect however yet.


The form works just fine in Enkato. The questions are just ommitted all together in KoboCollect. I am hoping based on Tinoks comment and the fact that it works in ODK Collect that this will filter through shortly?


FYI I’ve tested your form on latest version of KoboCollect app downloaded from Android store, and it behaves OK, indeed almost indistinguishable from ODK Collect app. Here’s screenshot whilst filling 2nd employment history entry:

Perhaps trying installing latest version and confirming for yourself on your specific device?

Hi all,

Somebody knows if this bug has been fixed ?
I have the similar issue now with Kobo Collect and ODK Collect.
Do yo know if there is a solution without using the web interface (i.e with a offline mobile app) ?

Thank you in advance,

Hi @jordanparisse,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind checking the syntax error within your xlsform for the repeat group questions (as the same should be working smoothly). You could validate your xlsform here and could also have a look at support article on repeat group here. Besides, you could also have a look at some examples discussed in the forum here.

Have a great day!

Hi @Kal_Lam,

Thanks you for your response.
Unfortunatly, the problem isn’t fix for me :frowning:
I have build my form with the web interface of Kobo. When I download the xls file of my form, and then I upload it in the ODK XLSForm validation tool, it send me back a xml file which is not relevent for me at time. So what can I do to solve this issue according to you ?
The probleme only occurs when I tick Repeat this group if necessary in the settings of the group.

Thanks you in advance for your help.

Have a good day,

Hi @jordanparisse,

Would you mind sharing your xlsform so that the community could have a look at your issue. Also please note, you could delete confidential information from it (only keeping the questions that has been bothering your).

Have a great day!

a9n4PUQGxsRgLComDANsaE.xlsx (7.8 KB)

Hi @Kal_Lam,

Thanks. You will find the XLS Form in attachment.
The problem relates here to the group of questions entitled “Points d’eau” (“Water Points”) (which does not appear in kobo collect).

I have other subsequent question (maybe off-topic here) : how to use xml file in Kobo, both in the web interface and Kobo Collect ?

Thank you for your help !

Hi @jordanparisse,

Have you tried uploading the same in the KoBoToolbox server? I tried and did not get any error message. It should work smoothly at your end too.

Besides, if you are referring to the message you received while validating your xlsform here and saw something as below:

Image 0.0

It’s simply an added note provided to you/users on repeat group (which states that you will be able to see the first set of repeating questions by default as shown in the image below boxed with red highlight):

The note also provides you a way-out on how to make 0 repeats if there are no repeats while collecting data in the field. One of them is pressing the - like highlighted red box as shown in the image above. On pressing the same you should receive a confirmation dialogue box as shown in the image below:

Image 0.1

If you press CONFIRM, you would then see the data entry screen as shown below:

It note also provides you a link where you could learn more on repeat group.

A screenshot of the same is shown here below (for your ease):


Have a great day!


Hi @Kal_Lam,
Thank you, all is functionning now.
Have a good day !

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Hi @all,
A good way to improve the use of repeated groups of questions on KobCollect is to introduce, at the beginning, a conditional question in the form of a list consisting of the headings of the different groups of questions present in the form.
Have a good day !

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could you, please, provide an example?
(If you filter by relevant, data previously entered will by deleted/emptied on save/validation.

We could not find yet an easy option for enumerator navigation through repeats or groups Except using standard navigation menus in KoBoCollect. For example enumerator wants to start first (or to later complete) interview with 3rd household member… Any solutions would be appreciated, please.

Hello @wroos !

Sorry for the delay.
For instance, you can see the form below :arrow_down:

At the beginning of the form you can introduce a conditionnal list of groups of information that you would like to collect. When you click one item the correspondant group appear. This is more useful to proceed like this when you use KoboCollect on the spot of collect.

I hope that help you.

thanks! I am afraid this only helps for choosing (or adding further) groups into the navigation. Unfortunately there are limits, in my experience::

  • If you add a next/new selection, already entered groups cannot be hidden to the enumerator.
  • You should not deactivate a group afterwards, moving back or on re-edit, as otherwise the included data collected, would be emptied on save/validation (when the relevant condition is re-est to false…)
    Any further hints are welcome.
    Kind regards
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