Kobo Collect app - sending additional projects to the same users

Hi Team,

I have used the QR code system to configure multiple enumerators’ Android devices with the Kobo Collect app so that they can fill in up to 6 different forms/projects. So far, so good.

However, it looks as though soon at least some of these enumerators will need access to additional forms/projects that I am building.

As the Kobo Collect app is now configured on their devices to only allow access to these deployed forms/projects, how do I add more forms/projects? Do I have to go through the process outlined in Data Collection on KoboCollect App (Latest Version) — KoboToolbox documentation to generate a new QR code that includes both the old and the additional/new forms, and send them this QR code to reconfigure their devices with? Or is there a way to just add the new forms to the existing list of projects/forms that they have access to?

As the enumerators have already configured Kobo Collect on their Android devices, how do they then use the new code to reconfigure the Kobo Collect app to access all of the forms? Do they have to completely delete the Kobo Collect app (maybe also clear all cache?), so that when they download it again it doesn’t just come up with the all the original forms/projects they had access to?

It is very easy to share new forms/projects with web forms (aka Enketo) as all I need to do is share the new links, but it isn’t so straightforward with Kobo Collect and setting up multiple enumerators’ devices at once.

Many thanks for your assistance on this.

@taniak, could you kindly elaborate more on this?

… and this one too …

Maybe we should be able to advise you base don how you have configured your Collect Android App.

@Kal_Lam , I sent a QR code to all the enumerators using android devices, so that they could configure KoboCollect, and access the forms I wanted them to fill in. I followed the instructions in the website for " Oftentimes, users in large projects will need to set up a large number of devices under the same server settings (URL , Username , and Password , etc.). Setting up all the devices manually would be time-consuming and prone to error. To save time, you can set up one device manually and then copy the settings through a QR code generated from the first device." When I did this, I included 6 projects/forms, so that now when these enumerators open the Kobo Collect app, and select “start a new form”, they currently have these 6 to choose from, depending on what task they are doing (setting up traps, collecting field data, analysis of the data, and various in-between tasks). So effectively, I gave them access to 6 different projects/forms when I sent the QR code.

Now, the research project is expanding, and I am developing new projects/forms that some (maybe most, I do not yet know) enumerators will also need access to. My question is how do I now give these same enumerators using Androids access to the new forms to fill in? They must still be able to fill in the forms they currently have. In other words, they can now fill in 6 forms, and down the track I want them to be able to fill in these same 6 plus any additional (unknown number as of yet) new ones.

Does this make sense?


@taniak, so you mean there were six deployed projects during the time you shared the QR configuration with the team? You then added some more projects and would like to provide access to the enumerators for these added projects, too. Did I get you correct?

@Kal_Lam , yes, that is correct. Although I am not quite at the point of sharing the new projects yet - I want to know how to do this before I have to do it.

many thanks,

@taniak, you will need to ask your enumerators to follow the steps outlined below:

  • Open the Collect Android App
  • And then click on Download form

You should be able to learn more about the same through our support article that has been shared previously: