Kobo collect form doesn't contain columns, while in enketo it works

Hello guys!

We have some issues and we hope someone could assist us to solve them.

In, Kobo collect (mobile app) there is a constant error and doesn’t allow us to choose which beneficiary we want to give the packages to – the Screenshot #1 (the context of package deliverance for humanitarian aid project). It does work on a browser version (Screenshot #2), but not in the app.

In editing the form in desktop version, it shows an error as well (the screenshot #3), and doesn’t allow us to make any changes from the browser (Screenshot #4).

Could you check why the mobile app form doesn’t work while the desktop form works?
Do you know how to solve the editing issue in the browser form?

Best regards,
David Ciplic

Hi @davidciplicadra, it seems like your screenshots did not upload to the post. Can you try to share them again?

@davidciplicadra, it seems like you have a select_one_from_file question type, and you edited the form through the browser and saved it. Could you ensure that the select_one_from_file question is still there by downloading your questionnaire as an XLSForm?

I couldn’t choose the select one or any other type of question.

When I download the file, it looks like this (few data that were put in before - not through the kobocollect) - it is still the test version, so not real data is there.

Actually, I found the solution.

I couldn’t change the form because it already contained some collected data and we used the “select_one_from_file” option, so it only allowed editing from the external file.

So, I’m closing this topic.