Kobo Collect forms going directly to "Delete Saved forms" without getting Submitted


We have our self hosted installation of KoBoToolBox, I am facing a challenge where 19 users are able to submit a form but for 25 users forms are directly going to “Delete Saved Forms” without getting submitted to server.

  1. … There is no such steps to reproduce.

Expected behavior

We were expecting the forms to get submitted.

Actual behavior

Forms are not getting submitted on KoBo Collect and directly going to Delete Saved form.

Additional details

Your environment, why you think this might be happening, or stuff you tried that didn’t work

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@Prem, maybe you will also need to check the Fill Blank Form for these 25 users who report that their forms go directly to the Delete Saved Form. In addition, please also check the configuration settings from their app to see if this is turned to other than Off:

Settings>Form management>Auto send

Note: If this is not turned to Off the submissions will be automatically submitted to the server whenever the device is connected to Wifi or the device’s network is active. You will thus also need to check your server to see if their data has already been synced to the server. There is a high chance that the data should already be synced to the server.

Hi @Kal_Lam ,

Sorry to come back again with this but please confirm what I need to check In “Fill Blank Form”? I see around 10 forms out of 25 got submitted/received after 48 hours of submission on device which went directly to “DELETE SAVED FORMS”.

@Prem, this is because the form for which you plan to collect your data should be in both Fill Blank Form and Delete Saved Forms. Did you also check the server to see if the data is already synced?

Hi @kal_lam,

Yes the Forms are available in “Fill Blank Form” and “Delete Saved Forms” Yes I checked server and as mentioned I got 10 more surveys synched now 15 user’s Forms still pending to sync which are parked in “Delete Saved Forms”.

@Prem, did you check the Edit Saved Form and Send Finalized Form to see if those unsent forms are there too?


We checked that and those forms are not in “Edit Saved Form” or “Send Finalized Form”.

@Prem, in this case, I assume that maybe those forms under the Delete Saved Forms are from the project with the same name (or could also be a different project) but a different one. It could be traces of some projects conducted previously and not reset; hence you see it there. Maybe going through this support article Data Collection on KoboCollect App (Latest Version) should give you some clue of what I am trying to refer to.

To ensure this, check out the project name and version available in the app and check out the same on the server.