Kobo Collect forms with photos failing to send to database


I have a simple Kobo Collect form deployed which collects optional entries for date, users name, geo-point and photo. From an Android device, when sending the finalized forms the forms with photos do not upload and fail. I have tested in wifi and using data with the same result. If I remove the photo, the form uploads. Any experience with how to fix this issue would be much appreciated! I have been looking online with no luck.


Welcome to the community, @treesajane! Would you also mind letting us know the image size you are trying to submit to the server?

Hi, I am using a Samsung Galaxy and just noted they are actually quite large, between 5-10 mb each. Is there a size limit?

I also noticed that the photos I have put in the form are not saved on my phone. Is that normal?


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@treesajane, are you using the Collect android app or Enketo to submit the data to the server?